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Episode 38: An Absolute Train Wreck

Everything is fine in East Palestine? Is the Michigan State shooting evidence that we need more gun control? What is the...

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Episode 37: Anti-Capitalism

Does capitalism create poverty? Did slaves build our country? Are black people owed reparations? What is the hostile attribution bias? Let’s...

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Episode 36: Fear

We are being told that the Tyre Nichols case is driven by white supremacy and that the Fair Tax proposal will...

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Episode 35: Colorblind

We continue to be told that Critical Race Theory isn’t in public schools, that refusing to allow woke curriculums in schools...

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Episode 34: I’m Not a Biologist

Progressivism would have us believe that the word “woman” cannot be defined, that young children need to be exposed to deviant...

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Episode 33: Crazy Pills

Is omicron really overwhelming our hospitals? Does mass formation psychosis really not exist? Are voting rights really under attack? The never-ending...

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