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Episode 28 – Trust the Mind Virus

There is a highly infectious mind virus spreading throughout our society that is more dangerous and destructive than COVID. It causes...

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Episode 27 – Up From Slavery

Freedom, self-control, manhood, work ethic, personal responsibility, education, culture, unity. These ideas exemplify the autobiography of Booker T. Washington and they...

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Episode 26 – Living in the Past

Perpetual anger and resentment, clinging to past grievances, vengefulness, hostility, lack of perspective, lack of gratitude – living in the past...

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Episode 25 – Truth and Honesty

At some point, we have to draw a line in the sand. We have to embrace honesty and stand up for...

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Episode 24: Lies and Manipulation

The people in power don’t want peace and unity. They want division and chaos. Between George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo,...

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Episode 23: Emptying the Ocean

We are living through a time period that is the antithesis of The Enlightenment.  Every day, our society devolves a little...

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