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Episode 34: I’m Not a Biologist

Progressivism would have us believe that the word “woman” cannot be defined, that young children need to be exposed to deviant sexual ideology, and that when a black man slaps another black man, somehow that is white people’s fault.

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Episode 33: Crazy Pills

Is omicron really overwhelming our hospitals? Does mass formation psychosis really not exist? Are voting rights really under attack? The never-ending march of fear-mongering propaganda continues apace and it is quite literally scaring us crazy.

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Episode 32: Lady Vengeance

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has shown us, once again, that the progressive left does not want anything to do with justice. They will disregard all evidence, throw away due process, and proclaim a presumption of guilt in order to punish those who oppose their ideology. It’s about power and control. They don’t want justice....

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Episode 31 – Enough

We are in an abusive relationship with our own government. Everything they say and do is done by utilizing abusive tactics in order to exert power and control over us. But we are not royal subjects. We do not have kings or queens. We need to recognize that the line has been crossed and that...

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Episode 30 – Ordinary Men

All throughout history, great evil has been committed by people who believed themselves to be righteous and morally justified. It is a grievous error to believe that we are somehow different and that we are not capable of the same.

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Episode 29 – Identity Crisis

Our country is dealing with a profound identity crisis. This has been exemplified during both the COVID madness and the disaster in Afghanistan. It is difficult to even recognize America anymore. We have seemingly forgotten who we are as we stray further and further from the ideals that founded this nation and the ideals that...

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Episode 28 – Trust the Mind Virus

There is a highly infectious mind virus spreading throughout our society that is more dangerous and destructive than COVID. It causes reality distortion, emotional imbalance, and irrational fear and it threatens to tear our country apart. We must inoculate ourselves against it and stop the spread.

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Episode 27 – Up From Slavery

Freedom, self-control, manhood, work ethic, personal responsibility, education, culture, unity. These ideas exemplify the autobiography of Booker T. Washington and they remind us how much we have gained and how much we have to lose. We must not squander our inheritance.

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