Children Killed By Street Violence (Updated 9.19.21)

This is a page dedicated to memorializing the young children lost to street violence, helping to provide financial support for grieving families, and to raise awareness of this horrific problem that exists in our communities that the media and BLM refuses to talk about. Last year, 2020, AT LEAST 78 children were murdered in street … Continue reading Children Killed By Street Violence (Updated 9.19.21)

Informed Dissent with Leonydus

EPISODE 2: Enemy of the People August 19th, 2020 ¬†| ¬†Leonydus Johnson The mainstream corporate press has become more and more unhinged as they continually throw journalistic integrity to the wind, abandon any search for truth, and concern themselves only with advancing a particular narrative and telling us what to think. But how much damage … Continue reading Informed Dissent with Leonydus