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Episode 34: I’m Not a Biologist

Progressivism would have us believe that the word “woman” cannot be defined, that young children need to be exposed to deviant...

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Episode 33: Crazy Pills

Is omicron really overwhelming our hospitals? Does mass formation psychosis really not exist? Are voting rights really under attack? The never-ending...

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Episode 32: Lady Vengeance

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has shown us, once again, that the progressive left does not want anything to do with...

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Episode 31 – Enough

We are in an abusive relationship with our own government. Everything they say and do is done by utilizing abusive tactics...

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Episode 30 – Ordinary Men

All throughout history, great evil has been committed by people who believed themselves to be righteous and morally justified. It is...

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Episode 29 – Identity Crisis

Our country is dealing with a profound identity crisis. This has been exemplified during both the COVID madness and the disaster...

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