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Episode 44: Pronoun Trouble

Riley Gaines was attacked by trans activists at SFSU for the crime of standing up for women. And somehow, we are...

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Episode 43: Two Plus Two is Five

We are being told that two plus two can sometimes equal five and that reality can be whatever you want it...

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Episode 42: Woke

We’re being told that conservatives don’t know what “Woke” means. We’re also being told that parents should allow their children to...

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Episode 41: Refuse to Conform

This episode, we discuss the logic of voting for third parties and whether or not it helps “the other side” as...

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Episode 40: Bow Down to the Queen

This episode, we discuss the Scott Adams saga and the implications of what he said as well as the Hersheys madness...

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Episode 39: Just Shut Up and Bake the Cake!

Should Jack Phillips be compelled to create cakes for transgender activists and should businesses, in general, be free to discriminate? Was...

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